The latest camera rumors for 2016

Will Canon have new DSLRs, will Nikon commit to mirrorless cameras, where next for Sony – and more!

Canon EOS 5D Mk IV

Canon’s capable all-rounder looks set to get 4K video recording and be more sport-friendly

Predicted specs: Full-frame 24-36Mp sensor | 4K video capability | 8fps continuous shooting

Following the arrival of the 50Mp Canon 5DS and 5DS R, the pressure is somewhat off the 5D Mk IV in the pixel count stakes. However, we expect to see a slight jump for the next model, with a 24Mp full-frame sensor seeming probable, although Canon may decide to take things a little higher.

We expect this camera to continue to be Canon’s most video-centric full-frame stills camera, and 4K capability is a logical addition to the feature set, along with greater control over contrast in the guise of a dynamic range-expanding C-Log gamma option. The ability to shoot full HD at 120fps would also be popular with slow-mo lovers. These features will require a fast processor, so again a new Digic 7 unit is probable.

While the 5DS and 5DS R have very capable autofocusing systems, the lower resolution of the 5D Mk IV makes it a more sensible choice for shooting sport. We expect an improved AF system, with more than the current 61 points, along with a maximum continuous shooting rate of at least 8fps.

We’re 99% certain that the 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor with 252 zones and Intelligent Scene Analysis, and the Intelligent Viewfinder II, both of which are found in the 5DS/R, will also be in the new camera.

Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon EOS 6D Mk II

Canon needs to up its game to maintain the interest of enthusiast photographers

Predicted specs: At least 24Mp full-frame sensor | 6fps continuous shooting | Vari-angle touchscreen

We loved the 6D when it first came out, but it’s looking quite tired now and its specs don’t compare that well with the Nikon D750’s. As Canon’s ‘entry-level’ full-frame camera it occupies an important position in the EOS lineup, making it ripe for a refresh.

Until the 5DS and 5DS R came along Canon was quite conservative about pixel count. Jumping from 20 to 24Mp would be enough for many photographers, but some may expect closer to 36 million. A relatively high pixel count would make the 6D Mk II much more attractive to existing Mk I owners.

With just 11 points, the 6D’s AF system is rather lacklustre, and we think the new model will see a big jump in this area, perhaps up to 61 to match the 5D Mk III. Low light and continuous shooting performance also needs to improve, and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 204,800 seems likely along with 6fps shooting. Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS technology also seem likely, and we’re hoping there will be a vari-angle touchscreen, as on the APS-C format 760D, to make the camera more user-friendly.

The original 6D was launched at Photokina 2012, the biennial photographic trade show in Cologne, Germany – so maybe we’ll see the Mk II unveiled at Photokina 2016 next September.