Ivan Chan

A Creative Photographer based in Hong Kong

Welcome to my portfolio ! My name is Ivan Chan, a Creative Photographer based in Hong Kong.

I view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such I often use the tools of modern photography – different filters, digital enhancement – to try to capture in an image the emotions I felt at the moment I tripped the camera's shutter.

Taking photograph has been a life-long endeavor for me. Whether taking pictures in the Cities, Travel or Portraits I am at home in my search for the patterns of life. Though sometimes abstract or realistic I bring my vision into the location. I begin my personal process of relating sky to earth and idea to image. Photographing helps me focus on external relationships and events and how to capture the essence.

Photography is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or an electronic sensor. Light patterns reflected or emitted from objects activate a sensitive chemical or electronic sensor during a timed exposure, usually through a photographic lens in a device known as a camera that also stores the resulting information chemically or electronically.

Photographs make us stop and look at the world in a different way. They can make us focus in on a particular aspect of a subject, look at the familiar from an alternative viewpoint, enable us to see things we would never otherwise have the opportunity to see, and trigger a variety of emotional responses. Most of the time we see without really looking, we gather impressions and rarely stand and look or examine. Often we see what we want to see or what we expect to see rather than what is actually there!

Ivan's photographs have appeared in various media including annual reports, periodicals, catalogs, wallpaper, posters etc


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